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From Downward Dogs to Pumas: EcoCamp launches a NEW video!

EcoCamp and Cascada Expediciones proudly announce the launch of a new video.

Covering both the accommodation at EcoCamp and the expeditions offered to guests during their stay in Patagonia, the aim of this new video is to show the experiences offered to guests during their stay in the unique sustainable domes located right in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park.

Some of the exciting new elements covered in the video include EcoCamp's new yoga dome and the first Patagonia Puma Tracking which was a famous success with guests seeing a total of six pumas over four days.

Also we were delighted to have the chance to showcase (in such high quality) our new Yoga Dome. With a guest visit from Santiago-based Yoga Instructor Tim Kovacs we managed to shoot beautiful footage in the dome.
Tim has been a resident of Chile for almost three years now, and offers yoga classes at the Patagonia clothing store in Santiago. Indeed, this video was made in association with Patagonia Inc and will be shown on screens in their Santiago apparel stores.

The team behind this cinematic video is the talented bunch behind Chilean wildlife documentary ‘Wild Expectations’, including 4-time Emmy award winning director Christian Muñoz-Donoso and the innovative director/producer/adventurer René Araneda.

The video was made over a 3-day trip to Torres del Paine National Park in February 2014 and we hope you agree it shows the natural beauty of both EcoCamp and the national park - recently awarded the title of 8th Wonder of the World.