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Chile in world’s top 30 most peaceful countries

The newly published 2012 Global Peace Index places Chile at number 30 in the world peace ranking. Published by the Institute for Economics & Peace, the index ranks 158 countries according to 23 indicators of peace which include level of safety and security, domestic & international conflict, terrorist acts and militarisation, among others. The results have been tested against potential determinants of peace including wellbeing and education.  

This year’s precedent of the index being topped by small stable democracies like Iceland, Denmark and New Zealand is maintained but big changes have occurred in the Middle East where countries have dropped significantly due to the Arab uprisings. Sub Saharan Africa is no longer the world’s least peaceful region, for the first time in the Global Peace Index history.  

The index places Chile just behind the UK at number 29 and far ahead of the United States who rank number 88. Chile has maintained its place in the top 30 since 2007 (bar a brief drop to 38 in 2011) and comes in ahead of its Latin American neighbours. 

With its long standing reputation for safety, Chile’s tourism figures have been growing steadily over the last few years as travellers seek adventures in the country’s extremes. Patagonia, the Atacama desert and Easter Island are all well known for ensuring safety and security during such adventures, in addition to Chile’s safe and laid back capital Santiago

Vision of Humanity’s video analysis of the index concludes that violence and lack of peace is not only taking its toll on humanity but on global economics. If world had been peaceful in 2011 the economic impact would have been an additional US$3 trillion, less than a third of which would have been required to mitigate the long term effects of climate change for example. Just as Vision of Humanity say, Peace makes cents.