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Change to telephone numbers in Chile

On Saturday November 24th, phone numbers in Santiago, Chile saw an extra ‘2’ added to dialling codes. This extra ‘2’ inserted itself between the city area code and the local number. From now on, instead of calling Cascada using Chile’s international dialling code (+56) plus Santiago’s area code (2) plus Cascada’s local number (9235950), you’ll have to dial +56 2 2 9235950. All phone numbers in Chile will see the extra ‘2’ inserted after the area code next year. In Chilean Patagonia the change will take place on April 13th 2013. New Cascada number from now on: +56 2 2 9235950. Our free phone numbers remain the same! USA/Canada | 1-800-901-6987 UK | 0-800-051-7095 Brasil | 0-800-892-1291 We look forward to your call on our new number!