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Cascada's new Head of Sales

We'd like to officially welcome our new Head of Sales at Cascada, Maike Berkemeier! Maike is back in Chile after a brief period back in her native Germany following six years as European Sales Manager at Cascada. Her return coincides with the end of summer in Chile - celebrated vineyard harvests, warm autumn evenings in Santiago and an Indian summer in Patagonia! Compare that with the current snowstorm in Europe and let's just say she hasn't yet regretted her decision...
Maike's favourite place in Chile is Torres del Paine but she’s also happy staying a bit closer to Santiago and heading to the beach or the Andes Mountains for the weekend, when she’s not busy with her friends at the theatre, doing yoga or making handicrafts. A member of the office cycling team, Maike is happy to be working at a company which represents what she believes in - nature, the good old outdoors and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Smiley, creative and dedicated Maike recommends that all visitors in Chile take the opportunity to get out into the mountains on Santiago’s doorstep, indulge in Chile’s best seafood in the form of ceviche and crab pudding and always travel with a good book & good travel companion! 
Get in contact with Maike by emailing her , calling her on 0056-2-2923-5957 or skyping her at maike-cascada