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Cascada attends Adventure Travel Trends in Chile seminar

On Friday August 24th Cascada Expediciones attended a seminar hosted by Chile’s government-run National Tourism Service (SERNATUR) and private institution Turismo Chile about the new trends in adventure tourism in Chile. The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), based in Seattle, were special guests at the event held in central Santiago. 
Cascada Expediciones / EcoCamp Patagonia have been members of ATTA since 2006, with Cascada & EcoCamp’s co-founding director Javier Lopez participating in many ATTA events over the past six years. Last year’s Adventure Travel Development Index (ATDI), compiled by ATTA, ranked Chile as the third best developing country for Adventure Tourism in the world, according to the ten pillars of Adventure Tourism Competitiveness. Chile had the highest score among developing countries for the pillars of Sustainable Development, Safety, Natural Resources and Image as an Adventure Tourism destination.
The seminar began with a welcome speech from Chile’s National Director of Tourism who then introduced the Regional Director of tourism, who gave a presentation on the current state and goals for adventure tourism in Chile’s metropolitan region. Despite the sprawling capital city, Santiago and its surroundings enjoy a wealth of natural resources and green areas including many parks and the Andes mountains. Activities such as trekking, horseback riding, rafting and skiing can be enjoyed in the mountains just an hour and a half from Santiago - ideal for travellers and residents in the city looking for an adventurous day trip.  
Turismo Chile’s Planning & Development Manager spoke next, detailing Chile’s international potential for growth in the adventure tourism industry and the current measures being taken to ensure continuous growth. In 2011 tourism figures in Chile saw a 11% growth, compared to just 5% in Brazil and 7% in Argentina where the tourism industry has been better developed for a longer period of time. Last year Chile received 3 million foreign visitors and the goal for 2020 is 5 million, which together with national tourism would amount to 6% of GDP. 
ATTA’s Latin America Executive Director was then invited to talk about the definition of adventure tourism and what travellers are looking for in today’s adventure tourism market. An ATTA study among tourism agencies offering adventure travel programs yielded very interesting results highlighted the current demand in today’s market. The average length of an adventure travel vacation is 7.5 days and 80% of clients look for a soft adventure to fill their days. Travellers nowadays are seeking:
  • More sophistication
  • More sustainability
  • More experiential travel
  • More fulfilling / meaningful experience
A Brand Asset Valuator study also showed that travellers are no longer looking for exclusivity (down 60%), sensuality (down 30%), daringness (down 20%) but they are looking for friendliness (up 148%), social responsibility (up 63%) and kindness (up 391%). 
So what conclusion can be drawn from these results? That Cascada is perfectly placed in today’s market to give travellers everything they’re looking for! Cascada ethos is based on sustainability (read all about EcoCamp’s sustainable operation) and experiential travel, enriching the lives of travellers and local communities as well as conserving Chile’s natural reserves from the little villages surrounding San Pedro de Atacama to the virgin wilderness of Torres del Paine.  
In particular EcoCamp Patagonia’s Wildlife Safari looks like the ideal adventure according to the results. Lasting from 4-6 days with optional day long extensions to Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina or Patagonia fly fishing, this soft adventure offers the highlights of a Patagonian adventure in a week. EcoCamp is fully sustainable, socially responsible and provides a real connection with Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, with all treks led by local and amiable guides. Suite Domes add a touch of sophistication (all the while maintaining EcoCamp’s sustainability) while Community Domes offer a warm friendly atmosphere for all guests to share their fulfilling Patagonian experience.
To book your EcoCamp Patagonia Wildlife Safari in a Suite Dome, or any other Cascada tour, contact us!