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Cascada and EcoCamp team is safe and sound in Chile!

All Chile’s major tourism destinations are operating normally, according to a preliminary assessment made by the Undersecretary of Tourism in conjunction with the National Tourism Service throughout the country. On September 16, 2015 an 8.4-magnitude earthquake affected northern Chile. The epicenter was more than 174 miles from the capital Santiago (view map in full size), impacting mainly the cities of Coquimbo and Illapel, both located in the Coquimbo Region.

After the scare of last week's earthquake, things at Cascada Expediciones and EcoCamp Patagonia are back to normal. Along with other residents of the capital, we share stories and anecdotes of our experience of the strong tremor. Unfortunately for our friends further north, it's time to share tools and emotional support, as hundreds work to rebuild homes and businesses lost in the tsunami suffered following the quake.

Evacuation of coastal areas was recommended at once and the damages, were much lower in comparison with the last earthquake that ravaged the area of Concepción in 2010.

Even though ours is a tremendously seismic country, the strong tremors felt by Chileans and travelers throughout the affected regions don't go unnoticed. Thankfully, at our home away from home in Torres del Paine, earthquakes are not a problem, nor do they generally cause problems in the Lakes District and other popular Chilean spots for travelers.

Once again - in the wake of this year's devastating floods and last week's earthquake - our thoughts are with the north.