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Bespoke Tours in Chile: Is a Tailor-made Itinerary the Answer for You?

Our vacation time is precious, so when we do head off on a trip with family or friends it’s really important that we get exactly what we want. Sometimes taking a quick browse of the many tours available is all you need to find your dream trip straight away. But everyone is different, so don’t be surprised if you can’t find what you want straight off the shelf. Maybe you’re looking for something extra, or maybe there’s a tour with everything you want but also some things you don’t. Fortunately, Chile has as many different landscapes, climates, activities and cultures as there are people, so you can be sure your perfect trip is out there and Cascada knows just how to find it. Take a look at the queries below, and see if a customised tour might be the best fit for you.

Afternoon Light in Torres del Paine"Travel photography is my passion. I need inspiring, theatrical locations and I need to be able to go at my own pace to take the shots I want. I find it boring to trawl through piles of guidebooks looking for the right hotel or the best way to get from A to B, I just want to enjoy the ride and get some great shots." Marie Scoggins, USA.
Cascada's Sales Team: Chile’s landscape is full of drama, you’re going to love it here Marie! Even in Santiago, snow-capped mountains suddenly seem to pop up and surprise you at the end of every street. When you’re finished in the capital, why not head to Patagonia in the far south to take some shots in the phenomenal Torres del Paine National Park? The scenery, light and mood down there is ever changing as rain clouds race overhead, sometimes leaving behind an enormous blue sky. You might even get to shoot four seasons in one day. Then head all the way up north to explore the red rocks and explosive geysers of the Atacama Desert, all in your own time. And don’t worry about the all of those hotels and connections, we’re a local company with in-depth local knowledge, so you don’t have to spend hours working out where to stay or how you’re going to get there. All you need to decide is how much extra memory to bring for your camera, because you won't be short of photo opportunities!
Rafting on the River Maipo"I like a bit of everything. I’m an adrenaline junkie but I also love to absorb the culture of the countries I visit. However, I often find that I’m so busy running around on holiday that I go home more exhausted than when I set off, so I also need time to relax and I definitely don't need any added stress." Richard Oldale, UK.
Cascada's Sales Team: There is no shortage of opportunities for adventure in Chile, it’s the perfect destination for anyone looking for a thrill. If you come in September you can catch the end of the ski season in the Andes and then be one of the first to enjoy an early spring hike in Patagonia. Otherwise, you could stay longer in Santiago and try white water rafting down the rushing Maipo River or horseback riding through the mountains. Heading north to the Atacama Desert, you’ll come across cultures both ancient and modern. Explore everything from the culture of the indigenous Atacameño people to the ghost towns left behind by the mining industry in the more recent past. Before you head back across the Atlantic, make a stop at the thermal springs in the Altiplano region and soothe your tired muscles and weary mind in the naturally heated waters. Cascada will organise everything for you, so there’s no extra stress at all.
Easter Island Moai"We’re looking for a once in a lifetime experience to celebrate our Silver Wedding Anniversary, so it's really got to be something extra special! We’ve never been to Latin America before so we want to see as much as we can and explore the continent together." Pam and Mike Scott, USA.
Cascada's Sales Team: Happy Anniversary! Due to it’s unique geography, Chile is a showcase for a whole variety of landscapes and also serves as a great jumping off point for a wider Latin American adventure. You could start in the far north and take a trip across the border into Bolivia to see the glittering expanse of the biggest salt flats on Earth. Cross back into Chile and move down to Santiago to enjoy a day or two wandering through this vibrant city together, before you head off again to the far south. Sail up the Ultima Esperanza fjord from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine National Park, where you can stay in an unusual but comfortable EcoCamp Suite Dome. From Chilean Patagonia you can pass over the border into Argentine Patagonia to see the Perito Moreno glacier before you return to Santiago, and we’ve not even got to the extra special bit yet! For the real icing on the cake, why not finish up your trip with a visit to Easter Island where you’ll absorb the mystical atmosphere and witness the ancient Moai statues up close. Now that really is something out of the ordinary!
Cascada can quickly and easily compose the perfect itinerary for all of these travellers and many more. It’s time to stop looking for your dream trip to Chile and let Cascada create it for you.
What would your dream trip look like? How would you customise a tour to suit you? Let us know in the comments section below!