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April 2012

Cascada Expediciones and EcoCamp Patagonia Press and Media News. Meet our Communications Team.

Month-by-month Top Trip Tips

Our month-by-month top trip tips have been compiled based on recommendations from all of the Cascada team. Our sales team, travel specialists for Chile, Patagonia and Argentina, have analysed which trips they enjoy most in which months and we’ve cross-checked their preferences with weather statistics to come up with our official trip calendar! (Beware though, plan as you might, weather in Patagonia is always subject to rapid changes from bright sunshine to rain and ferocious winds!).

Cascada Expediciones and EcoCamp Patagonia renew carbon offsets

Cascada Expediciones and EcoCamp Patagonia have offset their carbon emissions for the 2011-2012 season. In the year 2008, Ecocamp became a Carbon Neutral company with the goal of minimizing emissions of CO2 as much as possible and in the future hopefully becoming a CO2-free lodge. Between June 2009 and June 2010 EcoCamp offset 183.680 tonnes of CO2 emissions and between July 1st 2010 and June 30th 2011 they offset 229.402 tonnes. 

Patagonia’s Big Five

You’re familiar with the Big Five on African wildlife safaris but what about the Patagonian Big Five? EcoCamp Patagonia hosts the world’s southernmost wildlife safari, over 4,000 miles from Africa, featuring the Patagonian Big Five - Guanaco, Puma, South Andean Deer, Andean Condor and Ñandú. Out of the 26 species of mammal and 118 different types of bird, we've compiled a list of the BIg Five.

Why Nature Vacations leave you Healthier in the Long Run

It’s no news flash that nature is good for you, or that taking time out to go on holiday brightens your spirits and puts you in good stead for the upcoming year. But what about the double whammy - a nature vacation? Cascada reviews the evidence linking vacations and greenery with well-being and highlights the kinds of nature vacations providing the ticket to a healthy happy life.  

New photo timelines for Cascada & EcoCamp

In 2011 Cascada Expediciones celebrated 20 years as a sustainable adventure tour operator in Chile and EcoCamp Patagonia celebrated its tenth year receiving guests in the Patagonian wilderness from across the globe. To celebrate the landmark events for both companies we’ve compiled two photo timelines with the highlights from the last twenty and ten years respectively!