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27 Signs You've Hiked the Torres del Paine Circuit

Hiking the Torres del Paine Circuit earns you entry into an elite club of those who’ve completed one of the most iconic multi-day treks in the whole of South America. Set deep in Chilean Patagonia the Torres del Paine Circuit trek takes anywhere from a week to nine days and takes in some of the most staggering mountains, lakes and glaciers to be found in the southern hemisphere. But then again, if you’ve hiked the Torres del Paine Circuit, you already know that. Here are 27 more things we think will sound familiar!
1. You do not ask about the weather. Because you already know it’s possible to get four seasons in one day.
2. You can’t shake the habit of taking duct tape with you wherever you go, just because sooner or later you know you’ll need it.
3. You’ve made the joke about Torres del Paine being the Towers of Pain at least ten times, but it’s still funny because it’s true. 
instant noodles4. You never, ever want to eat instant packet pasta or ramen noodles ever again. Or see them. Or hear about them. Moving quickly on!
5. You can get dressed inside your sleeping bag. But getting out of your sleeping bag to start the day’s hike is a whole other challenge.
6. Wind will never feel truly windy to you again. Anything under 50 mph counts as a light breeze.
7. You take the phrase “packing light” to a new level. Who needs a clean change of shirt every day on a hike? Not you, Paine Circuit trekker!
peanut butter8. You think it’s okay to eat peanut butter just as it is, off a spoon. It’s the ideal high-calorie, high-protein hiking snack. Anyone got a problem with that?
9. You know the bus times from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales without looking. And the bus times from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine National Park. And the boat times within the park itself.
10. You may or may not remember the last time you looked in a mirror. But the only people you see are in exactly the same boat.
11. You spend far too much time explaining that your hiking snaps aren’t photoshopped. The lakes and glaciers truly are that blue in real life.
hiking chic12. Changing out of your hiking pants and into jeans counts as “getting dressed up”. If you swap your hiking boots for trainers you’re really pushing the boat out.
13. All items in your backpack must now serve at least three purposes before they earn their place. And the king of multitasking is the bandanna.
14. Chocolate is your go-to remedy for most problems. Hiking fatigue, technical issues with your tent or getting a little lost... chocolate will make it better!
15. You know you really have to wear sunblock in Patagonia even when it’s rainy. Because you spent your second day with a bright red face when you forgot.
torres del paine16. That view of the mountains never gets old. It takes your breath away time and again, and the pictures could never do it justice.
17. Whisky on glacier ice tastes way better than whisky over regular ice. Maybe it’s something to do with how pure the water is, you don’t know, you just know it’s good!
18. You could swear that nine-day beards are cool. The longer and stragglier the better.
19. You’ve perfected the art of backwoods bathroom breaks. Need we say more? It's probably best if we don't.
condor20. Seeing a condor can put you on a high for the rest of the day. And seeing more than one will make your week.
21. You guard your wet wipes like they’re soaked in unicorn tears, but you may be willing to trade one for a nice cold beer at the end of the day.
22. You’ve gone through internet and cell phone cold turkey and come out the other side. It wasn’t pretty but now you’re wondering what all the fuss was about.
23. You feel pretty smug when you chat with hikers doing the Torres del Paine W Trek. You know you shouldn’t, but it’s part of your Paine Circuit bragging rights.
lake in torres del paine24. You know first hand that glacial lakes are nature’s ice packs. It’s almost as if someone put them there just so you could soak your knees at the end of a long day’s hike.
25. You can never have too many plastic bags. You’re not sure what happens to them all but you always seem to be one short.
26. There’s always someone who wakes up earlier than you and hikes faster than you. On the other hand, you’ll always be faster than somebody else!
27. You find guanacos endlessly entertaining. Even when they’re just standing there doing nothing much.
Do you have anything else to add to our list? And if you haven’t hiked the Torres del Paine Circuit yet, what are you waiting for?