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Top Picks Tours - Patagonia Tours, Chile & Argentina Travel

Top Adventure Travel PicksCascada's new Top Picks category brings you the very best of Chile in a series of active, premium journeys. Our Top Picks have been designed to bring you unique, new experiences in Chile's far flung extremes which are unlike any experience you've ever seen before. In Chile's northern Atacama desert you discover hidden trails, on Robinson Crusoe island you explore the land and ocean secrets of the legendary remote island and in Chile's far south you embrace the heart of Patagonia on foot, by bike, by horse and kayak in the new Limited Edition Epic Patagonia trip. The new Best of Chile Premium is an exclusive journey throughout all of Chile's highlights combining Atacama, Santiago, vineyards, Lake District, Pacific Archipelago and Patagonia with premium services and unique activities. Enjoy your premium Chilean journey with our new Top Picks.

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Best of Chile Premium - Atacama Desert to Patagonian Glaciers

Discover Chile's extremes on this premium multi-destination 13 day trip taking you through the country's highlights. From the world's driest desert to the volcanic peaks, the wild Patagonian steppe and the country's vineyards, this trip has everything for an deluxe scenic Chilean adventure! Take me through Chile's extremes!

Difficulty: Easy
13 Days, 12 Nights
Tour Details

Epic Patagonia - Multi Sport Adventure

Enjoy the best of Chilean Patagonia on this multi sport adventure! This action-packed trip lets you experience hiking, cycling, kayaking and horse riding as well as the community atmosphere, food & wine at EcoCamp Patagonia, in the heart of the national park. I want Epic Patagonia style!

Difficulty: Moderate
Patagonia, Torres del Paine, Chile, EcoCamp Patagonia
6 Days, 5 Nights
Tour Details

Atacama Hiking - Cultural Journey

Atacama Desert Cultural Adventure

The Atacama desert is home to some of Chile’s most fascinating history and culture, left behind by the indigenous tribes who called this arid high desert home. Walk hidden trails, visit archeological and nature sites, and learn more about the natural and cultural heritage of the region on this enriching 5 day tour!

Difficulty: Moderate
Atacama & Altiplano, Chile
Connect with Nature
5 Days, 4 Nights
Tour Details