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Wildlife Safari Activity Guide

South America is famous for its diverse species of flora and fauna. Cascada runs wildlife tours in the Altiplano highlands, throughout Chile’s diverse regions and in Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia, taking travellers from Atacama desert fauna to Andean flora to Patagonian marine wildlife. 

In the north of Chile in the Atacama desert, there is a wonderful variety of native vegetation and fauna on and around the salt flat plateau. Flamingos wade through pools of water against a backdrop of volcanoes while alpacas roam the sandy planes. 
At the other end of Chile, in Patagonia, EcoCamp runs a unique Patagonian Wildlife Safari taking guests through the park’s flora and fauna highlights. Mammals including guanacos, pumas, deer and foxes inhabit the park, in addition to over 100 different bird species. Many plants, trees and fungi which are native to the region can be observed on the Micro Safari trail at EcoCamp
South of Torres del Paine in regional capital Punta Arenas there are wildlife excursions leading to islands in the Magellanic Strait housing colonies of penguins and sea lions. Austral dolphins and whales also inhabit the waters of the Strait and can be seen en route to the marine fauna colonies.
In Argentine Patagonia there is a lot of interesting wildlife to be observed in Tierra del Fuego. Starting in Ushuaia, many wildlife tours include boat rides through the Beagle channel to reach islands housing unique bird life or marine fauna. ‘End of the world’ flora includes Lenga, Nires and Cohiues trees.;