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Sea Kayaking Activity Guide

Sea Kayaking Tours - Patagonia Tours, Chile & Argentina TravelKayaking is a popular sport in Chile, enjoyed across the whole country. In the north of Chile kayaking is done in the sea as the dry desert climate means water in rivers is scarce. Sea kayaking is particularly popular near Damas Island and in coastal towns Pichidangui and Los Molles in central Chile. The beaches in Quintero and Algarrobo, also in the central region, provide good kayaking possibilities for beginners and families. The Maipo river in the Andes Mountains just next to Santiago is also a favourite choice for day trippers coming from the capital. 
Further south more challenging rivers for kayaking include the Teno river in the Maule region and Claro river in National Park Radal Siete Tazas. Chile’s second largest river, BioBío, running 380km through southern-central Chile was the country’s most beloved kayaking river until a controversial dam was constructed in its waters in the 1980s. 
Further south in Araucania is where Chile’s most famous kayaking rivers are now found. The Trancura river, very close to tourist hotspot Pucón, is a favourite in summer months as is the Petrohué river close to Puerto Varas in Chile's Lake District. Kayaking through archipelago Chiloé is also possible, as is kayaking through the fjords and canals around Caleta Tortal, a small town at the end of the Carretera Austral. 
In Patagonia the most famous places to kayak are on the Futaleufú river, with its world-class rapids, and the Baker river. Torres del Paine National Park’s Serrano River is calm and more appropriate for beginners. 75km south of Punta Arenas, kayaking is possible in the Cabo San Isidro in the Magellanic Strait.
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