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Sailing Fjords Activity Guide

Sailing fjords takes you through wild Chilean and Argentinian Patagonian scenery of twisting inlets and fjords past incredible mountain formations and forests. It is a magical way to experience the end of the world! Navigating through the legendary Magellanic straight or the Beagle channel give you the sensation of going back in time to when the beautiful landscapes and canals were first discovered. 

Native forests, snow-capped mountains and marine fauna ranging from sea lions to dolphins and penguins can all be enjoyed in the fjords region of Patagonia. A popular excursion is cruising through the canals and fjords surrounding the Southern Patagonia Ice Field, the second largest ice field in the world at 16,800 km² in size and part of the Patagonian ice sheet which remains from the last glacial period. 
Cascada offers a Sailing excursion into Torres del Paine National Park, on a zodiac boat, through the inlets and fjords leading into the heart of the park. Another popular route is sailing from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales and enjoying the view during the navigation between islands, peninsulas, fjords and glaciers. The remote, end of the world sensation is present from start to finish!