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Meet our Office Team

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The Cascada office team are a lively bunch of eco-friendly globetrotters who enjoy working in the tourism industry. The working environment at Cascada is a big company asset, with its friendly open office environment facilitating team work and communication. Staff maintain the balance between work and free time (more so in low season than high season!) and annual team events take place at holiday time. 

Staff respect the Cascada ethos of protecting nature and the environment - both fundamental to responsible living and sustainable tourism - and make lifestyle changes accordingly. Almost 50% of staff cycle to the office (numbers fluctuate seasonally) and most staff who don't live outside of the city try to get out into the mountains or the countryside as often as they can.

The Cascada office has a beautiful front garden where we eat lunch, and we have large windows overlooking the garden. We have no air conditioning or elevator, climbing the stairs is a must! Many of the office staff who live far away work a couple of days a week from home to save commuting.