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Island Retreat Activity Guide

Chile encompasses many islands in its territory, including the Polynesian Easter Island over 3000km from Chilean mainland and the famous Robinson Crusoe island in the Juan Fernandez archipelago. At the top of Chilean Patgonia lies the culturally-rich Chiloe archipelago and at very end of Patagonia the land peters out into many little islands.

Easter Island is semi-tropical and is known for its soft hills, extinct volcanoes, rocky coast and beaches, and famous Moai sculptures. The large Rapa Nui National Park covering the majority of the island is a protected UNESCO heritage site. Over 50,000 tourists enjoy Easter Island tours each year - over 10 times the number of inhabitants living on the island.

The Juan Fernandez archipelago lies off the Chilean coast around 600km west of Santiago. The most famous island is Robinson Crsoe island, an approximate 3 hour flight from Santiago. It is believed that a Scottish sailor who abandoned his ship and lived as a castaway on the island in the early 1700s was Daniel Defoe's inspiration for his novel Robinson Crusoe.

The mystical Chiloe archipelago lies off the coast of Puerto Montt across the channel from the start of the Carretera Austra in northern Patagonia. is home to UNESCO churches, island legends, and misty landscapes.