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Claudia Mansilla - Experience designer


claudia mansilla
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Claudia is a true Chilean "patiperra" - which is Chilean slang for someone who loves traveling and constantly exploring new places! Originally from the coastal city of Viña del Mar, she's traveled throughout Chile, visiting Torres del Paine, Puerto Varas, the Carretera Austral, Valle del Elqui, and San Pedro de Atacama. Her favorite place is the Lakes District, and next on her travel list, she wants to see the Marble Caves in the Aysen region. Outside of her home country, Claudia has traveled throughout Asia and even lived in New Zealand for a while. Her interest in tourism stems from her passion for travel and discovering new cultures, and she decided to join Cascada based on its commitment to sustainability. When not running off on new adventures, she enjoys playing percussion instruments, good conversations with friends, Mexican food, and a good sangria.