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May 2018

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Starry Skies + Sand Dunes: What To Do In The Atacama Desert

atacama desert adventures

While most visitors are initially drawn to Chile to see the dinosaur-shaped spikes of Torres del Paine, it must be said that the northern expanse of desert more than holds its own.  The township of San Pedro de Atacama receives thousands of visitors each year - and for good reason; right on its doorstep are the sunburnt valleys and mirror-like lakes of the world’s driest desert, the Atacama.

What to Do in Santiago with Kids

If you are planning on visiting South America, chances are high that you will have to pass through Chile’s capital, Santiago.  If you are traveling as a family and feel a bit daunted by this - don’t worry. For tourists, Santiago is a relatively safe and modern city with all the same things you love from home, except in Spanish and with a ton of local quirk.  Here are some tips from the mums at Cascada to help you settle in and get the most out of your trip to this amazing city.

5 Places to Stop Between Santiago and San Pedro de Atacama

North of Santiago the landscape changes dramatically. The hills turn brown and barren, and the land stretches out flat towards the east.  Trees give way to cacti and villages become further and further apart, while in Spring the extraordinary Flowering Desert (Desierto Florida) bursts across the landscape in a sea of bright pinks, purples and whites.

No Wifi but a Better Connection: Digital Detox Guide

Imagine for a moment that you had never heard the ding! of a new email, the whistle of a WhatsApp message, or seen the flash of red of a Facebook notification.  Imagine leaving the house without a phone, or an evening without the TV. Technology has impacted our lives in so many ways that it seems hard to picture a moment when it is not there - and certainly, we don’t advocate its removal entirely - but something has to be said about the benefits of a digital detox.

6 Winter Bucket List Adventures

Traveling in winter sounds daunting, but it really shouldn’t - with the right gear and destination in mind, you can set yourself up to have a holiday to turn the sunbathers green with envy!  Chile, being a country with some of the best tourist infrastructure, transport links and quality resorts in all of Latin America, makes for a sensible choice with more than enough options to satisfy the thrill seekers as well as those after something a little more relaxed.

Winter Bucket List Adventures You Must Have in Chile