Discover South America’s best photo opportunity: the Salar de Uyuni! It is the world’s largest salt flat located in the southwest corner of Bolivia. This long, glistening stretch of land is more than 4,000 square miles in size and contains at least 10 billion tonnes of salt. The region is popular with travelers and famous for its never-ending salt fields, colorful lagoons, steaming geysers and more.

People particularly love the Uyuni Salt Flats due to all the interesting photos you can take, ranging from humorous perspective pictures to mesmerizing reflection images. Check out a few of our favorites photos.

There is no better place to watch the sunrise and sunset. These colors are out-of-this-world! 
Due to its high altitude, dry climate and remoteness, this region offers some of the best stargazing opportunities on the planet.


Not a photo...but this video is golden! (Sound on!)
When it rains in the Salar, the result is MAGIC. The water on the salt creates a "reflection" effect and makes it look like you are floating amongst the clouds. 
Everyone loves a good drone shot! This is a fantastic one, showing off the immensity of the Salar. 
A group of travelers jumping for joy! There is nothing more exciting than starting an exploration into the world's largest salt flat. 

Exploring Bolivia takes up a lot of your energy! Maybe that's why travelers like to dive into some tasty snacks... 

This Instagram post is a piece of art--- almost like a painting!

Want to snap your own Salar de Uyuni photos? Check out Cascada's 4-day explorer trip through the desert and discover some of Bolivia's most incredible landscapes.  

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