Amy Turner

Amy Turner

All You Need to Know About Fly Fishing in Patagonia

Fly fishing is one of those traditional sports that has been undergoing a bit of a boom in recent years. For some of us it's a way to honor...
Published: February 17, 2018
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21 Unbelievable Hiking Hacks

We love life hacks, all of those ingenious little tips and tricks that make life a little easier and a bit more fun. And when you’re hiking in ...
Published: February 1, 2018
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Hiking vs Trekking: Which Is For You?

The jaw-dropping landscape of Chilean Patagonia is the ideal location for all kinds of outdoor pursuits including trekking and hiking. While they...
Published: October 10, 2017
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10 Reasons Not To Be Afraid of Hiking in Patagonia

Do you feel the fear? You’re not alone-- a surprising number of people suffer from vacation anxieties that can make travelling abroad uncomfortable...
Published: July 11, 2017
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Photography in Patagonia: 10 Wildlife Photography Tips

Our Patagonia Puma Tracking - Wildlife Discovery Adventure, under the expert guidance of animal tracker and wildlife photographer Diego Araya, gets...
Published: June 26, 2017
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Check Out Our Patagonia Bucket List

Patagonia, the curling tail of raw nature at the bottom of the South American continent, is pure bucket list material. There’s something about the...
Published: June 13, 2017
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25 Things You Never Knew About Hiking Poles

Down on the hiking trails of Patagonia, hiking poles (or trekking poles if you prefer!) are a bit of a contentious issue. Everybody knows they...
Published: April 8, 2017
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Visit Chile's 5 World Heritage Sites

When you think of Chile, do you picture the Andes Mountains, standing row upon row like sharks teeth? Do you imagine wistful Patagonia with its...
Published: February 7, 2017
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Top 5 Patagonia Hiking Snacks for Real People

There are plenty of thrilling multi-day hikes in Patagonia, and the advice for eating on the trail is clear: You should be snacking every two hours...
Published: January 3, 2017
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