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Here is where you can find all press and media news related to Cascada Expediciones and EcoCamp Patagonia. Are you a journalist or travel blogger interested in visiting EcoCamp for yourself? Contact our EcoCamp Community Manager Timothy for more information. Fill out our Press Trip / FAM Trip application form and we’ll get back to you asap!


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(mp4 - 124MB ) Patagonia Travel Experience Video by EcoCamp: Puma tracking, yoga, hiking, biking
(mp4 -  20MB ) Puma: Patagonia Travel Experience Video by EcoCamp:
(mp4 -  27MB ) Yoga: Patagonia Travel Experience Video by EcoCamp:
(mov - 152MB ) Torres del Paine W Trek: Gemma travelled to Chilean Patagonia to hike the famous W Trek
(mp4 -   86MB) EcoCamp Patagonia Spotlight : Hotel Highlights from Chile & Patagonia's 1st Sustainable Lodging
(mp4 - 143MB) EcoCamp Patagonia Inside: The Founders' Story behind the World's 1st Geodesic Sustainable Hotel
(mp4 - 526MB ) Patagonia Multisport Adventure: Hiking, Cycling, Kayaking, Horse Riding by Nikki & Dusty
(wmv -   214MB) Into Patagonia's Vastness - EcoCamp Patagonia Travelers' Tales 
(wmv -   266MB) In the footsteps of the puma in Patagonia - EcoCamp Travelers' Tales 
(wmv - 312MB) Vive la Patagonia (con Paz Bascuñan y Luis Gnecco) - EcoCamp Patagonia Travelers' Tales 
(wmv - 212MB ) A place for change - EcoCamp Patagonia Travelers' Tales