Patagonia Puma Tracking - Wildlife Photo Adventure

Puma Tracking 2014 - Success Story Patagonia Puma Tracking - Wildlife Photo Adventure is an exploration into Torres del Paine’s unique wildlife, led by photo & wildlife professional Diego Araya and supported by a special team of fauna trackers. Each day you follow in the footsteps of Patagonia's most elusive animals, enjoying moments of intimacy with the enigmatic Andean puma (mountain lion) and endangered South Andean deer while discovering and photographing the park’s geology, spectacular sunrises & sunsets and native flora & fauna. Evenings are spent at the award winning EcoCamp Patagonia in its sustainable geodesic Suite Domes. As seen in The Telegraph (09 Aug 2013): Chile: on the trail of the elusive puma! Watch our brand new EcoCamp Experience Movie!